Kelyn and Darryl, 1996

Delight Entertainment, formerly Children's Delight Entertainment, has been providing the highest quality party entertainers since 1997. The company was started in San Jose, California by Darryl Hulsey. Darryl, a performer at heart, saw that the only choices for kids' party characters were unprofessional to say the least. A princess might show up to a little girls birthday party in a cheap dress and ratty wig, plop down on the couch and half-heartedly read a story book from Target, take a couple photos and be done with it. This would happen, of course, if the company made sure to carry out the booking at all. Darryl wanted to create a professional company that created a truly magical experience. He did this by hiring actors with real talent and integrity, writing shows full of humor and heart, and making sure all costumes, wigs, and supplies were of the highest quality.

Darryl passed away in early 2015, leaving the business to be run by his daughter Kelyn,  who had been a performer for the company since she was 16 and had begun operating the management side when Darryl became sick. In 2017, Kelyn moved to Chicago to pursue her college degree, while running the company in San Jose remotely. Now, she is moving the company to bring the best of the Bay Area to Chicagoland.


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